Mobile navigation market accelerating: Blom

Mobile navigation market accelerating: Blom


Norway: Norwegian digital map maker and aerial photographer, Blom, sees an accelerating market for mobile navigation tools and is not threatened by free map services, Chief Technology Officer Nils Karboe said.

“The GPS market is levelling out, but at the same time, mobile map usage together with GPS is speeding up and could also increase demand for oblique imagery,” Karboe added. “The more integrated maps and localisation becomes, the more companies like Blom have to offer.”

Using photos and laser technology, Blom’s content unit makes maps, images and 3D-models that can be integrated in websites, mobile phones or car applications, providing more detail than satellite images.

It sells the products to Microsoft and TomTom’s Tele Atlas among others and expects mobile navigation to grow more than some of the more traditional mapping services. “This is an increasing market, and it’s where we have the greatest ambitions. Growth has been slower than both we and the market anticipated, but we still see big opportunities here,” Karboe continued.

The firm’s market value has dropped by 69 per cent in 2010 as its large-scale mapping division has seen a squeeze from public spending cuts in the wake of the financial crisis.

Source: Reuters