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Mobile laser mapping system for African market

Nottingham, UK: Global Geomatics purchased StreetMapper mobile laser mapping system for Africa’s surveying market. The company claims that it is the first system of its kind to be operational in Africa and will provide Global Geomatics, competitive advantage with a world-leading rapid surveying capability.

StreetMapper 360 is a joint development between UK-based 3D Laser Mapping and Germany-based guidance and navigation specialist IG. It has been specifically designed for the rapid 3D mapping of highways, runways, railways, infrastructure and buildings. Using vehicle-mounted lasers offering a 360-degree field of view, StreetMapper enables high precision mapping to a range of 300 metres, a capacity of 300,000 measurements per second per sensor and recorded accuracies in independent real world projects of better than 10 millimetres.
Travelling at speeds of up to 70 kmph, StreetMapper can capture every detail along the highway corridor including barriers, gulleys, overhead wires and building facades, helping surveyors to create highly accurate 3D computer models for planning, maintenance and incident management.

Altus Strydom, Managing Director of Global Geomatics, said, “We were the first survey company in Africa to adopt satellite positioning (GPS), the first to embrace GIS and one of the first to purchase a static laser scanner. The acquisition of the StreetMapper mobile mapping system will help us maintain this position and continue to offer our international client base a first class service and best possible value for money.”    

Source: 3D Laser Mapping