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‘Mobile Earth’ mapping service launched in Germany

Germany, 6 September 2006: ‘Mobile Earth’, a mapping and information service has been launched on September 6 for Vodafone Germany’s mobile subscribers. The service, available on Java-enabled devices, has been created by LocatioNet Systems Ltd., a provider of mobile mapping and location applications, and is using content from TeleAtlas.

The Mobile Earth service enables mobile users to view any address in Germany over full colour maps or high resolution aerial photos, calculate the best routes between addresses and view the results on a map, in addition to searching and viewing over four hundred thousand points of interest in Germany. Mobile subscribers can now access all the mapping information that was previously only available from their PC, using an optimised user interface on their mobile phones.

The Mobile Earth application requires a single over-the-air download from the Vodafone Live! mobile portal, just like a mobile game. The application has an advanced Java-based user interface with maps rapidly delivered to the user’s handset from the central server over the wireless network, giving the mobile user the feeling that the entire mapping and aerial photo content is stored on his handset.

Ofer Tziperman, President of LocatioNet said, “This innovative application takes the subscribers beyond mapping and information services by adding another interesting dimension: the option to view the high resolution aerial photos….The Java platform creates a user-friendly interface and allows smart handling of maps that cannot be achieved with WAP It is a fascinating experience to discover the colourful, detailed aerial photo behind the map….”

Based in Düsseldorf, Germany, LocatioNet is a provider of mobile local search, mapping and navigation applications. LocatioNet’s unique technology enables fast retrieval of high quality maps and information over wireless networks.

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