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Mobile apps co acquires location data provider

US: Urban Airship, a mobile apps company, acquired SimpleGeo, a location data provider, announced Jay Adelson, CEO of SimpleGeo in his blog. Last summer, they had entered into a partnership to bring location-aware mobile messaging services to app developers. Adelson explained, “As we worked together to offer integrated offerings, things got really exciting. It became clear to us that together, we could create services much, much bigger than just push notifications and location.”

Adelson added, “Nothing will change for existing SimpleGeo users. Our Context, Places and Storage products will continue to be offered alongside the new combined offerings. In addition, the combined company already has a roadmap of exciting new ideas that we think will blow minds.”

On the other hand, through a press statement, Urban Airship explained that the all-stock deal will allow the company to offer a complete mobile engagement platform – including a scalable infrastructure and range of tools and services – so that brands and developers can create cutting edge mobile apps. It brings push notifications, in-app purchasing, subscriptions, context and geo-location together on a single platform, enabling developers to build a new class of apps that are smarter, more context-rich and more valuable to consumers.

“Companies should not have to rely on a fragmented and unwieldy mix of tools that only deliver part of what is needed to understand how people are interacting with their brand on mobile,” said Urban Airship CEO Scott Kveton. “We’ve been working with SimpleGeo for months now and knew that putting the two companies together would create a powerhouse as a one-stop-shop for developers and businesses to build, monetise and measure the success of their apps in the ecosystem.”

Source: SimpleGeo & Urban Airship