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MiX Telematics launches a business intelligence tool

South Africa: MiX Telematics has developed a business intelligence tool, MiX Insight Reports. It forms part of FM-Web, the Internet-based fleet management service from MiX Telematics. The primary objective of this reports suite is to provide insight into customers’ data that is stored in a powerful data warehouse and presented in an intuitive reporting structure. The new features enable FM-Web customers to leverage both real-time and historical fleet information, thereby managing vehicles and drivers even more effectively.

MiX Insight Reports offers a range of advanced visualisation features such as tooltips, conditional formatting, cutting edge trend analysis using spark lines and many more industry leading visualisation techniques. It also allows users to view more than 30 different chart types including not only standard pie and bar charts, but also polar, scatter, range, area and combination charts where applicable. Besides this, the tool makes use of geospatial data features, which ultimately will allow fleet owners to analyse their vehicles’ trips and events by country, town and by street.

Now, fleet managers can pick up exceptions in their reports much easier and pinpoint issues that fall out of the norm. And last but not least, all reports can now be scheduled for electronic delivery or exported to a variety of formats including excel, PDF, CSV and word files. Because one size does not fit all, the company is now in a position to make customer specific enhancements and modifications to existing reports in a timely fashion. This is one of the new upcoming commercial services that MiX Telematics will be offering to their dealer network as well as to end customers.

Source: Mix Telematics