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MiTAC promotes Open GeoSMS Standard

Taiwan: MiTAC International participated in the initiation of the Open GeoSMS standard developed by domestic Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and pledged to jointly promote the standardisation of Open GeoSMS in Taiwan.

Open GeoSMS is an open-coordinate short message service (SMS) standard to allow transmission of map information and communications among different platforms of digital maps. It enables users of one handset platform to receive map information and location based services (LBS) from other platforms, ICL indicated. To promote Open GeoSMS to the global market, ICL has won support from Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), which encourages development and implementation of standards for geospatial content and services, GIS data processing and data sharing.

Open GeoSMS allows domestic consumers to send an SMS and take advantage of relevant services without compatibility issues regardless of their choice of telecommunication systems or handheld device, MiTAC said.

Source: CENS