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Miranda satellite to boost construction business in Venezuela

Venezuela: Venezuelan remote sensing satellite, also known as Miranda, will help in monitoring the construction work throughout the country in near real-time, said Ricardo Molina, Minister of Housing, Venezuela.

Satellite Miranda is scheduled to be launched on September 28. Images received from Miranda will be used in analysing land suitability for housing, development projects, urban complexes etc.

With the launch of the satellite, Venezuela will save on average EUR 2,500 for each image, which previously had to be applied to other countries, to monitor strategic areas of the country, said Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Jorge Arreaza.

Arreaza Venezuela explained that Venezuela on an average paid EUR 2,500 for high-resolution images, but they were not received on time and were not completely reliable. With the launch of Miranda, the country will have a direct access to its own high resolution images. Arreaza explained that satellite Miranda can take 14 laps around the earth and 350 images daily. The Minister further said that the images will be used for agricultural planning, urban planning, industrial planning, border security and detection of illegal mining among others.

Source: AVN & EP