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MIPELA GIS, Geosolutions Australia form new company

Australia: GeoSolutions Australia and Mipela GIS announced merger to form a new company – Mipela GeoSolutions. The merger has created a new market leader in geographical information solutions on the eastern seaboard.

The Board of Directors of Mipela GeoSolutions will consist of Mipela GIS Director Hayden McDonald and GeoSolutions Australia Director Michael Krome, with Hayden acting as Managing Director. The new company will be officially launched at the Australian Pipeline Industry Association (APIA) Conference in Darwin on 13 and 14 September.

Based in Brisbane, Mipela GeoSolutions will have a core staff of 40, servicing a national and international client base of over 90 companies and government bodies across Australia, Papua New Guinea and Southeast Asia. Combining Mipela’s oil and gas pipeline industry experience with GeoSolutions Australia’s skills in government and water infrastructure, the new unified company will be equipped to offer both products and niche service expertise across a broader range of private sector and government applications.

According to Hayden, the new firm will be a one-stop-shop offering greater research and development, systems, technical capability, software network and marketing resources to better serve its growing client base. “The merger will also accelerate the introduction of new and improved product and service offerings for our clients,” he said. “We see a world of opportunity in connecting people with information and are delighted to welcome both GeoSolutions Australia and Mipela GIS staff and clients to our new company and look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the years ahead.”

The pairing will not only expand the range of location-based information solutions deliverable from a single shop front, but also foster innovation and growth into new areas thanks to the business strengths and specialisations of each of the merging entities.

Michael said that the biggest advantage of the merger was the resulting strengthening of Mipela GeoSolutions’ service capability, as well as the organic growth possible in the future. He said this would benefit GeoSolutions’ clients by giving them access to Mipela’s proven and innovative X-Info range of web based software products, and the specialised service to support it.

Source: Mipela GIS