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Minneapolis Fire Department uses GIS for emergency preparedness

The Minneapolis Fire Department is using GIS to meet the growing challenges facing firefighters and to make better, faster, and more informed decisions. The result is a series of innovative GIS applications including the use of GIS for digitally modeling fire responses and providing a unique public/private GIS application for enhanced pre incident preparedness. The Minneapolis Fire Department serves the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota — which is composed of four districts—with approximately 450 firefighters assigned to 19 stations located throughout the city. Each station responds to calls within its own response area and may assist in responding to calls within a larger district. The Minneapolis Fire Department not only provides services for fighting fires but also emergency medical response, fire prevention, fire investigations, and emergency preparedness drills. The Fire Department is using GIS for building, managing, and disseminating its spatial and tabular information using a robust, scalable, and fully integrated GIS architecture. This provides the ability to automate, integrate, and portray a diverse collection of information for incident preplanning, response, regulatory compliance, resource allocation, and much more.