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Ministry of Agriculture joins to the spatial data network

To meet efficiently the farming activity, and aiming to invest in the territorialization of policies and initiatives, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA) has joined the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (INDE).

Following accession, the Ministry of Agriculture will be able to provide data on the INDE website and use the available tools, as a viewer that enables you work with multiple layers of data – from both the MAPA and from other agencies – in the same map.

According to the Inspector for Agriculture and Livestock of the Territorial Intelligence Center of the Strategic Management Advisory Board (NIT/AGE), and representative of MAPA in INDE, Vinícius de Sá, the first data to be made available by the Ministry of Agriculture will be concerning the implementation of the goals and initiatives of the Multi-annual Plan (PPA).

“This work could be done for the areas with NIT’s support, coordinated by the Strategic Management Advisory Board” he said. The accession to INDE is also a part of the initiatives to open MAPA’s data.

National Spatial Data Infrastructure (Inde)

The INDE’s goal is to integrate spatial data from the federal government, harmonizing them and providing the spread and effective use, with a network structure that includes federal, state and municipal agencies, universities and other actors.

Source: Ministério da Agricultura