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Mining sector to join geo-hazard mapping project

Philippines: The Mines and Geosciences Bureau-6 (MGB) held a meeting with the mining contractors and permit holders in Western Visayas. The Bureau urged mining contractors to participate in the National Greening Program (NGP) and geohazard mapping project on a scale of 1:10,000 scale.

MGB-6 Director Leo Van Juguan said that under the NGP, the mines sector has a national target of establishing 34,000 hectares of reforestation areas outside and within the mining contract or permit area from 2011-2013.

Last year, MGB recorded some 346 hectares planted or reforested through the efforts of 17 mining tenement holders registered with the NGP.

For 2013, Juguan said MGB-6 is targeting 700 hectares to be allocated among the mining tenement and permit holders in the region.

He added that these mining companies are committed to donate seedlings as well as maintaining the planted seedlings, within three years to ensure high survival rate.

On geohazard mapping, Juguan said, the government is speeding up the completion of the National Geohazards Assessment and Mapping Program on a scale of 1:10,000 by 2014.

“To achieve this, we are engaging the participation of the mining sector, to share their expertise and resources in geohazard assessment and mapping,” Juguan said.

He said that in the region, the private sector is assigned to assess and map out 24 municipalities to help complete the 133 towns and cities by next year.

“We can make a bigger impact on environmental rehabilitation and geohazard mapping within the target time frame, with the help of our mining sector,” he further said.

Source: PIA