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Mining maps created

Standard Bank and Raw Materials Group in Europe have created two world mining maps, “Base Metals & Refineries” and “Precious Metals & Diamond Mines.” The maps provide a snapshot of the state of the industry, as well as a clear indication of the major mining districts of the world. To be included on the map, an operation had to have reached a minimum qualifying production threshold. The Base Metals & Refineries map shows the distribution of all the major copper, nickel, zinc, lead, tin and bauxite/aluminum mines and primary metal processing plants throughout the world. The Precious Metals & Diamond Mines map shows the distribution of the most important gold, silver, platinum group metals (platinum, palladium and rhodium) and diamond mines throughout the world. The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland provided the GIS and artwork for the maps. The maps include the most recent full year production data available. Raw Materials Group in Sweden provide mining data compilation and analysis. Standard Bank in London, is the focal point for the international investment banking activities of the Standard Bank group.