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Mineral resource data on GIS platform

South Africa: Department of Mineral Resources, South Africa, migrated National Mining Promotion System (NMPS) data onto the new platform to be integrated into the new system, said Susan Shabangu, Minister of Mineral Resources. The system costs ZAR 3.4 million (ZAR: South African currency).

“The new system offers GIS-based spatial information which for the first time allows the public to view the locality of issued rights, and land in respect of which applications are being considered, at any given time, through our website. Simultaneously, the officials of the department who are processing the application will be able, at a press of a button, to establish the environmental-sensitivity status of an area applied for before even beginning to process the application. This will obviate the possibility of mining rights being granted on ecologically-sensitive areas,” Shabangu added.

The system is also able to electronically accept applications for mining permits, prospecting rights and mining rights through the website. Furthermore, it has a completely uniform application evaluation procedures, to ensure consistency, transparency thus eliminating the possibility of human error in the evaluation process.

Currently, the system has over 264 layers compared to the NMPS that has a single layer making it highly advanced and containing information from other government planning systems including environmentally sensitive areas, protected areas, Deeds offices, township development areas, water pans, etc. This will eliminate the current challenge where rights end up being granted over environmentally sensitive areas.

“I must at this time caution that achieving these levels of consistency and uniformity also require consistency in the format of applications and supporting information to be submitted by the applicants. In this regard the Department has, in line with the applicable regulations, developed guidelines and standard templates for the supporting documents required to be submitted for application purposes,” continued Shabangu.

Source: MoneyWeb & MineWeb