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Miner & Miner releases the latest version of the ArcFM product line for utilities

Miner & Miner (M&M) announces the release of its ArcFM 8.1.2 product suite for electric, gas, and water utilities. The suite is composed of ArcFM, ArcFM Viewer, Conduit System Management, Designer, and DistOps and is certified against ESRI’s 8.1.2 ArcGIS family of products.

M&M is a leader in the development and implementation of ESRI’s ArcGIS software for utilities. ArcFM products and services assist utilities in increasing productivity and efficiency, lowering costs, and improving services throughout the enterprise. This allows utilities to effectively manage spatial information for design, maintenance, and outage management.

The 8.1.2 is the sixth release from Miner & Miner based on ArcInfo 8. The 8.1.2 release is a powerful addition of new functionality to Miner & Miner’s line of products. Miner & Miner’s ArcFM 8.1.2 is a collection of tools for managing, modeling, and editing facility and land base data in an enterprise system. By utilizing an open, fully scalable environment and building on ESRI’s component oriented ArcGIS 8.1 foundation, Miner & Miner has created an integrated platform for utility enterprise solutions geared toward end users.