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Miner & Miner holds annual user group meeting in Fort Collins, CO

The end of January saw Miner & Miner Consulting Engineers, Inc. (M&M) host its annual User Group Meeting (MMUG). More than 130 users and business partners from across the globe spent three days discussing advances in M&M’s products and services. The sessions, held at the Fort Collins Marriott Hotel, provided users with the opportunity to share their experiences, and concentrate on suggested requirements and added functionality for further product enhancement.

The MMUG sessions opened with a presentation by keynote speaker Ray Gifford, the Public Utilities Commissioner of Colorado. As an experienced regulator, Gifford shared insights about the current utility regulatory environment and its future.

Following the keynote speech, the MMUG sessions focused on demonstrations and discussions of product usability and functionality. Jeff Meyers, M&M’s President spent an hour on the future of the ArcFM Solution, M&M’s Energy Utility application suite. The follow-on sessions considered design directions for individual products such as ArcFM, Designer, DistOps, Conduit System Management, and ArcFM Viewer. M&M officers and technical staff presented their latest R&D efforts, including advanced design tools, mobile solutions, versioning strategies, integration approaches, implementation methodology discussion, and examples from current projects.

Not only did the event provide participants with a greater understanding of the M&M product line, but it also allowed for discussions between a variety of company and utility representatives. A good portion of the conference provided the opportunity for guests to present experiences to the group. “Miner & Miner’s User Group Meeting is an excellent forum for exchanging ideas and soliciting feedback on products and implementation methodology, as well as for meeting other users and having some fun,” said Jeff Meyers. “Most importantly, users had a wonderful opportunity to learn about our direction and give us the feedback that is vital to our success together.”

MMUG also included social activities. Attendees enjoyed a day of Rocky Mountain snowshoeing or skiing. The snowshoers hiked the Zimmerman Lake trail up Cameron Pass, at 10,000 feet above sea level, and the skiers spent their day at Winter Park Resort. An evening of bowling followed the hosted dinner on the first day of MMUG. Best high and low scores were acknowledged with a symbolic present, a M&M bowling shirt. Some participants were also lucky enough to see the Olympic torch passing through town only blocks away as it traveled to Utah.