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Miner & Miner develops a new multispeak electric distribution data model

Miner & Miner has announced the development of a new MultiSpeak based Electric Distribution Data Model for the ArcFM Solution. The new data model will combine the knowledge and experience built into the current ArcFM data models with the specifications of the MultiSpeak Initiative. This new model will simplify implementations based on the MultiSpeak standard, and provide another Out-Of-The-Box ArcFM solution option for utilities.

The MultiSpeak Initiative has published a list of required specifications vendors can use to write interfaces for communication with other compliant software. The first report of the MultiSpeak specification has been established after a year-long collaboration between the Cooperative Research Network (CRN) of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) and a group of nearly 40 software vendors and consultants that serve the small utility market.

The goal is to create a unified platform to enable communication between various systems (customer information system, geographic information system, etc.). This eliminates the need to develop new interfaces or rewrite customizations when new vendors enter the market. It will ultimately increase the possibilities for integrating software applications in utilities and reduce the associated costs. This initiative also benefits vendors by unifying customization efforts.

The new model made its debut appearance at the ESRI International User Conference in San Diego, CA last week. Next, based on users’ feedback, both a logical and physical model will be published. In the future, an ArcFM Network Adapter will be supplied to allow the seamless integration of ArcFM Solution to other applications adhering to the MultiSpeak Initiative.