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Miner & Miner and Tadpole-Cartesia combine in strategic business alliance

Tadpole-Cartesia, a software subsidiary of mobile computing and network infrastructure group Tadpole Technology plc, and Miner & Miner (M&M), a developer and implementer of ESRI technology for the world’s utilities, have jointly announced a strategic business and technology alliance.

The alliance harnesses the best-of-breed technologies of each company with Tadpole’s ESRI-based mobile data and secure web collaboration technologies being integrated into M&M products in the form of modules that can be easily added into deployed solutions. The modules will seamlessly and securely extend a utility’s data and its data models and applications to the field, and also enhance the database access and synchronization between servers and remote or disconnected mobile users.

With the new solutions, utilities will be better armed to achieve further gains in field workforce productivity and deliver improved customer service within and beyond M&M’s customer base of electric, gas, water, and wastewater utilities. The bolt-on mobile solutions will also help M&M’s customers to maximize their investments in GIS technology.

Under the terms of the alliance, M&M will embed Tadpole-Cartesia’s ESRI-based mobile synchronization technology into its flagship products, ArcFM and Designer. ArcFM is a powerful collection of tools for managing, modelling, and editing facility and landbase data in an enterprise system. ArcFM comes with complete data architecture for defining feature behaviour through one common, customisable methodology for the data model, data control, and interface. Designer provides an integrated environment for preparing construction work sketches, job cost estimates, and an automated means to update the baseline corporate GIS database. Designer supplies the design engineering functions and compatible unit data structures by interfacing with a work management/ERP system. It includes a variety of functions to optimise design including engineering calculations and automated layouts.

Also being embedded into M&M’s next generation ArcFM and Designer products is Magi, the award-winning secure web collaboration technology from another of Tadpole’s software companies, peer-to-peer leader Endeavours Technology, Inc. Magi overcomes utilities’ concerns of unmanaged and insecure flow of critical information across their networks. Using Magi, mobile workforces can securely access, share and interact upon business-centric information from any location, using any device as a full “peer” on any communications network.

By embedding Tadpole’s data flow and Magi technologies into M&M’s modules, utilities will be able to securely synchronize the bi-directional flow of information between multiple SDE servers and personal Geodatabases for the first time. The integration will be seamless and intuitive to the user, and will include an extensive set of tools to manage and administer data transactions. The key benefits of M&M’s new add-on modules are twofold-network scalability, and security of bi-directional information flowing between corporate databases and devices throughout the utility.