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Miner & Miner and CGI CYME announce business alliance

Miner & Miner, Consulting Engineers, Inc. and CGI CYME announced an official business alliance. The alliance formalizes the agreement between the two companies to continue to provide electric utilities with the ability to access CYME’s network analysis software, CYMDIST, from within Miner & Miner’s GIS-based ArcFM Solution. CYME and Miner & Miner have been able to improve the design and analysis process by providing two-way interaction between the different applications through a COM interface. Miner & Miner’s Network Adapter product provides tools to extract a model (selected set of features that comprise a feeder or distribution system) from the GIS and load data to the CYMDIST analysis engine via XML. Some analysis examples include load flow, voltage drops and short circuit analysis. Results can then be extracted from CYMDIST and displayed in any ArcFM Solution application including ArcFM, Designer, and Responder. Thus, as feeders are modified, planners can quickly analyze the feeder with CYMDIST and display the results in a GIS environment. This two-way interface capability improves efficiency by eliminating the need to maintain data in two separate systems and enhances the utility’s ability to balance load across its network and plan for future expansion.

Through the CYMDIST/ArcFM Solution integration, the corporate GIS database becomes the system-of-record for all network information. As such, users can design and evaluate a job for a variety of conditions directly in the GIS. This integration enables the engineering group to make decisions based on both physical conditions and analysis criteria and ensures a more efficient design process. The CYMDIST/ArcFM Solution integration empowers those most directly associated with the work to make key decisions.