Minecode Corp. release LiDAR-M

Minecode Corp. release LiDAR-M


Seattle, USA, September 25, 2007: Minecode Corporation, a provider of software and product development solutions for enterprise business, announced the release of LiDAR-M version 3.2, a stand-alone LiDAR data processing software developed on Microsoft .NET technology.

After the LiDAR data is gathered, LiDAR-M analyzes the data and then converts the information into maps. LiDAR-M users have the capability to convert the information into maps independently, or users can utilize software such as TerraScan or Terramodel.

LiDAR-M has the capability to observe cloud points accurately in different cross-sectional views. Also, LiDAR-M gives users the ability to classify data points. These points can be organized both automatically and manually into various categories. LiDAR-M delivers data files in multiple input/output formats as well. The mapping supportive functionalities of CAD software are built into the interface. LiDAR-M also features extensive data viewing capabilities, such as “zoom” and “pan”.

“Unlike other similar LiDAR processing products, LiDAR-M does not require third-party software to run,” said PK Samal, President of Minecode. “LiDAR-M has no limit on the number of data points it is able to process” he added.

Minecode is a privately held company that provides software and product development solutions for medium to large enterprises and government agencies globally. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Minecode has offices in India and the United States. Clients include small- and medium-sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies.