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Mind-powered drones not a distant reality

Europe: EU scientists have been working on the Brainflight project in a bid to design mind-controlled drones. Though the tests and the technology are at a fledgling level, still the computer-brain-plain interface works surprisingly well.

Mind Powered Drones research through the Brainflight project in Europe

Seven telekinetic flight tests have been conducted so far using a simulator and those with no flying experience were able to think the plains around the skies. They were even able to land the planes under very poor visibility conditions. However, concrete usage of the system is planned to be done on unmanned drones.

The Brainflight project relies on an algorithm developed by scientists at the Berlin Institute of Technology, which translates electrical potentials from the brain into control commands. EU has invested close to 600000 euros in the project. The Portuguese company Tekever is doing the project while the algorithm has been developed by Berlin's Technical University.

Source: Worldcrunch