Home News ‘Millions of UK drivers race against GPS’

‘Millions of UK drivers race against GPS’

UK: In a survey conducted by Sainsbury’s car insurance, 7.2 million of Britain’s 37 million drivers admitted that they speed up to beat the projected time by GPS installed in their vehicles.

“Our research shows a worrying trend of drivers racing against the projected arrival time set by their GPS systems” said Ben Tyte, head of Sainsbury’s car insurance division. “We are encouraging drivers using the latest driving technology to have the safety of passengers, other road users and pedestrians at the forefront of their minds and not be tempted to become GPS racers.”

In pursuit of their personal bests, Sainsbury’s say that 570,000 drivers speed through amber traffic lights, 340,000 admit to overtaking on blind bends, while another 240,000 have tailgated other cars.

The study also claims that 150,000 people have admitted to being injured in collisions while racing their own GPS system.

Source: www.t3.com