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Military Traffic Management Command Transportation Engineering Agency (MTMCTEA) Utilizes GIS Weather Capabilities From Meteorlogix

Minneapolis-based Meteorlogix, has announced that it is providing the Military Traffic Management Command Transportation Engineering Agency (MTMCTEA), a Department of Defense (DOD) deployment and engineering center, with GIS weather capabilities to enable the safe and efficient deployment of troops and equipment.

GeoDecisions, a recognized leader in the spatial IT industry and the prime contractor for this project, enlisted the help of Meteorlogix as it was developing an exclusive routing logistics system for MTMCTEA called Intelligent Road & Rail Information Server (IRRIS). IRRIS provides military planners with highly detailed information in real time, allowing them to make decisions critical for safe deployments. One of the major constraints to successful transport is weather, and GeoDecisions looked to Meteorlogix to incorporate its advanced, comprehensive weather data into IRRIS.

Through IRRIS, weather from Meteorlogix reacts to and informs MTMCTEA of real-time weather events nationwide. The information helps MTMCTEA determine if an upcoming weather event necessitates rerouting equipment or delaying the movement of a convoy until after the storm has passed. Meteorlogix also provides MTMCTEA with intelligent graphics that accurately define the physical boundaries of a storm cell in relationship to earth—displaying something tangible versus a nondescript picture.

“We needed a company with national coverage and the ability to provide intelligent weather in real time,” said Robert Scaer, president, GeoDecisions. “Meteorlogix was willing and eager to work with us to build our system, and they have been reliable and flexible in meeting our needs and the needs of MTMCTEA.”

Meteorlogix has also signed a contact with Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command (METOC) to provide it with its exclusive GIS weather technology for use in classified tactical decision-making.

“Meteorlogix is being recognized as a GIS weather expert by the United States military, and we are finding much success as partners,” said Robert Gordon, chief executive officer, Meteorlogix. “Our exceptional technologies and comprehensive understanding of integrating weather data into GIS-based decision-support systems is what sets us apart.”