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MicroVision to ship the explorer edition of its MEMS-based 3D consumer LiDAR

USA: MicroVision , a leader in innovative laser beam scanning technology, today announced that it will begin shipping the Explorer Edition of its MEMS-based 3D LiDAR engine to select customers in March 2019. The Explorer Edition is the first product in MicroVision’s planned Consumer LiDAR product family. This ready-to-integrate engine combines hardware and software in a compelling form factor that enables advanced differentiated solutions for Artificial Intelligence or AI-connected devices.

MicroVision’s Consumer LiDAR Explorer Edition delivers low latency and high-fidelity spatial awareness to AI-embedded hardware and applications. This 3D sensing engine enables new product offerings in indoor home automation, augmenting reality in smart displays and in room sensing and navigation to name a few applications. This 3D sensing engine delivers instantaneous depth data and thereby the ability to build contextual maps of spaces and acquire localization information of tracked objects. The Consumer LiDAR Explorer Edition offers outstanding performance and a compact design for its combination of throughput, latency and range.

“Our Explorer Edition offers our customers the opportunity to begin developing potential smart products leveraging this new class of compact, mid-range, depth sensors,” said Perry Mulligan, MicroVision’s Chief Executive Officer.

Key features:
• 15.5 million points/sec depth data throughput
• 10 m range (1 Klux ambient)
• 0.1° x 0.1° native angular resolution (H x V)
• Class 1 eye safe laser classification
• Machine learning at the edge capable
• 16.7 msec frame latency
• 13 cc (photonics module volume)