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Microsoft releases source code of LBS apps

US: Looking to allay fears that Windows Phone 7 users could be tracked, Microsoft has released the source code for the application it uses for location-based services (LBS) and said it plans to eliminate use of device identifier information with those services.
Reid Kuhn, Microsoft’s partner group programme manager for the Windows Phone engineering team, wrote on his blog that Microsoft was sharing “relevant portions of the source code for our managed driving data collection software,” which gathers Wi-Fi, cell tower and Global Positioning System information. The effort was initiated so that Microsoft can be even more transparent about its data collection practices for enabling location-based services, Kuhn said.
According to Microsoft’s MSDN download page, “The information we collect includes elements like latitude, longitude, direction, speed, mobile country code, mobile network code, location area code, cell identifier and only specific Wi-Fi information such as BSSID (i.e., the Media Access Control, or MAC address), signal strength, and radio type.”
Recently, congressional debates in the US have put a spotlight on privacy issues associated with location tracking services used with mobile devices. Microsoft plans to dispense with device identification with the next Windows Phone 7 update.
Source: GCM