Home News Microsoft announces the availability of Airsim on Unity platform

Microsoft announces the availability of Airsim on Unity platform

US: Microsoft announced AirSim availability on Unity platform. Now AirSim developers will be able to leverage the Unity platform and ecosystem when building, training and evaluating autonomous systems in a simulated environment designed for AI.

Talking about the AirSim, it is an open-sourced system designed to train autonomous systems. AirSim provides realistic environments, vehicle dynamics, and multi-modal sensing for researchers building autonomous vehicles that use AI to enhance their safe operation in the open world.

Engineers building autonomous systems can create accurate, detailed models of both systems and environments, making them intelligent using methods such as deep learning, imitation learning and reinforcement learning. Tools such as Bonsai can be used to train the models across a variety of environmental conditions and vehicle scenarios in the cloud on Microsoft Azure – much faster and safer than is feasible in the real world. After training is complete, designers can deploy these trained models onto actual hardware.

Unity on AirSim represents an important step toward building real world AI solutions using the power, flexibility, and scale of simulators.