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Michael Baker launches iWATR technology tool

US: Michael Baker has announced the release of iWATR® technology tool that assess the quality of water. Users (stormwater quality practitioners, public agencies and developers) interested in watershed restoration and water quality improvement for various land uses can access the iwater tool using the portal.

The tool employs a geographic map interface to determine potential water impairments, receiving waters, site constraints, and the feasibility of stormwater harvest and use.

Anna Lantin, National Water Quality Practice Lead for Michael Baker International says," "iWATR® integrates the very latest watershed data with the experience and expertise of over 100 Michael Baker International Surface Water engineers and water quality experts, to provide the user with implementable concepts to improve water quality in their local watershed

Using the tool, concerned users can spot watershed issues and offer implementable concepts to improve water quality. The portal provides conceptual designs including size, type and the estimated cost to address a pollutant risk for a selected location and land use.

Source: Michael Baker