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Miami CSTARS facility to begin SPOT satellite reception

The University of Miami CSTARS Facility signed a receiving station contract with RESOURCE 21 and SPOT Image for data reception from the SPOT 2 and 4 satellites. CSTARS (Center for Southeastern Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing) provides environmental monitoring of the Equatorial Atlantic region for several academic and government organizations. The specific coverage area for the station includes northern South America, Central America, the Caribbean Basin, Gulf of Mexico and the Southeastern US. “CSTARS is the type of region-specific telemetry contract which fits nicely into our business model, and provides a great service to the user community,” explains Neal Carney, CEO of SPOT Image Corporation. The fast response time and unique coverage from the CSTARS facility is ideal to service both research and U.S. security interests,” says Jay Tilley, RESOURCE 21 Vice President.