Home News MH370: Has the Australian exploration company found the wreckage?

MH370: Has the Australian exploration company found the wreckage?

Malaysia: Adelaide-based GeoResonance, an exploration company, has claimed that it has found the wreckage of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in the Bay of Bengal. The claimed site is 5000km away from the current search location in the southern Indian Ocean off Perth.

GeoResonance claims that its search operations covered 2,000,000 square kilometres of the possible crash zone, using images obtained from satellites and aircraft. The company uses imaging, radiation chemistry and other technologies to search for oil, gas or mineral deposits. In hunting for Flight 370, it used the same technology to look on the ocean floor for chemical elements that would be present in a Boeing 777: aluminium, titanium, jet fuel residue and others.

Officials from GeoResonance state that they had compared their findings with images taken on March 5, three days before MH370 was reported missing, and they did not find what they had detected at that spot.

Meanwhile, the Australian agency heading up the search for the missing Malaysian jet has dismissed a claim. "The Australian led search is relying on information from satellite and other data to determine the missing aircraft's location. The location specified by the GeoResonance report is not within the search arc derived from this data," the Joint Agency Coordination Centre, which is heading up the search off Australia's west coast, said in a statement.

Source: ABC News