MH17 crash: Russia claims Kiev’s satellite images ‘implausible’

MH17 crash: Russia claims Kiev’s satellite images ‘implausible’


Russia: The Russian Defence Ministry asserted that the satellite imagery of the Malaysian Boeing crash site that Kiev used to demonstrate the absence of its air defence systems in the area of the disaster "are absolutely implausible."

Russia claims that Kiev’s images were made later than Moscow’s. According to the Russian space surveillance system, Ukraine’s Sich-1 and Sich-2 satellites were in another location at the time when the images were allegedly made. Taking it a step further, the statement issued by the Ministry reads, “At the time specified in the images the American electro-optical reconnaissance satellite of the Key Hole series was flying over the crash site area, so the source of the images of the Ukrainian Security Service is obvious,” the statement reads.

On July 30, head of the Ukrainian Security Service Vitaly Naida claimed that Russia had falsified images of the MH17 crash site. According to Naida, the images provided by Russia were made by Russian spy satellites long before the accident took place. As evidence, the Ukrainian official compared the images supposedly taken by the country’s security service and the images allegedly forged by Russia.

The Malaysia Airlines aircraft flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in eastern Ukraine on July 17. All 298 people on board died in the accident.

Source: RIA Novosti