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Mexico legislature passes real-time surveillance bill

Mexico: The Mexican legislature unanimously passed a surveillance legislation that will grant the police warrantless access to real time user location data. Under this new law police with be able to access citizen’s data in real time without their knowledge. The bill has been sent to Mexican President for final approval.

Speaking to EFF, Mexican human rights lawyer Luis Fernando Garcia said, “Mexican policy makers must understand that the adoption of broad surveillance powers without adequate safeguards undermines the privacy and security of citizens, and is therefore incompatible with their human rights obligations.”

Many internet privacy experts have criticised this new law which can be abused in many ways. Experts argued that the bill ignores the fact that most cellular phones today constantly transmit detailed location data about every individual to their carriers; as all this location data is housed in one place—with the telecommunications service provider—police will have access to more precise, more comprehensive and more pervasive data than would ever have been possible with the use of tracking devices. Therefore, sensitive data of this nature warrants stronger protection, not an all-access pass.

Privacy and electronic communications experts have characterized the bill as being against the human rights of the individuals being monitored. The law allows the police to get very invasive access to the surfing habits of users and, because of that, these powers could be utilised in ways that are unethical.

Source: EFF