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Mexican city develops disaster risk atlas

Mexico: Researchers at the Institute of Geology (IGL) of the UNAM, Mexico, developed “Risk Atlas Township Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca,” for disaster management. The atlas contains GIS data and will be a useful tool for Oaxaca civil agencies.

“The atlas will not only help in planning prevention and evacuation designs, but it will also help in locating the vulnerable population,” said Elena Centeno, director of IGL.

It could also be useful for urban planning and to relocate settlements near risk areas. Researchers could use the atlas to know more about the environment, geology, hydrology, geomorphology and soil types of the Oaxacan capital.

The atlas contains information about both the natural environment (geology, geomorphology, soils, hydrology, climate, land use, vegetation, deforestation, environmental issues) and the elements that impact economic and demographic conditions (marginalization, poverty, health, education, working population, urban structure).

“By combining these two layers (where the people are and where the phenomenon occurs naturally), the atlas provides an opportunity to make predictive models,” said Centeno.

All the information is integrated into a GIS database and can be updated. “You can zoom to a specific area to view the full details,” added Centeno.

Source: Ciudadania