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MetaCarta Signs Contract with Defense Intelligence Agency

MetaCarta, US, a provider of geographic intelligence solutions, announced recently that its technology has been chosen for inclusion in Raytheon’s Direct-access User Knowledge Environment (DUKE) Information Management System, a messaging system used by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). The integration of MetaCarta’s GeoTagger technology by Raytheon allows the DUKE system to exploit unstructured text messages, producing geospatial content that is incorporated together with other data for display and interpretation by intelligence analysts.

MetaCarta GeoTagger is a web service that easily fits within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and provides an ability to analyze documents for geographic references, disambiguates those references to specific locations in the world, and creates geographic tags for those documents. MetaCarta GeoTagger is capable of identifying over 7.8 million different place names around the world, providing a total coverage solution for analyzing text documents. The accuracy and global coverage of GeoTagger combine to create a solution with the highest f-measure, a balanced average of precision and recall, available in the market as determined by an independent government systems engineering and information technology advisory group. This technology is capable of accurately tagging millions of documents a day to keep up with DIA’s torrent of text data, where a manual analysis and tagging solution is not practical.