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MetaCarta partners Sitesa

Madrid, Spain, August 13, 2007: MetaCarta, Inc., provider of geographic search and referencing solutions, announced that it had partnered with Sitesa, a GIS and search products provider for the government and media markets in Spain and Portugal.
With this partnership, Sitesa’s customers will be able search structured and unstructured data for geographic references as well as make Spanish documents “location-aware” enabling that information to be geographically categorized, visualized and mined.
Sitesa is the exclusive value added reseller (VAR) in Spain and Portugal to offer MetaCarta’s solutions, including the Spanish geographic data module (GDM) which allows organizations to identify, disambiguate, and resolve Spanish language geographic references found in documents. The Spanish GDM enables MetaCarta products to automatically identify the language and character set of each document and assign latitude and longitude coordinates and country code tags to each place name in the document. Sitesa will demonstrate the MetaCarta solutions at the ESRI Spain Conference Oct 10-11, 2007.
“MetaCarta’s solutions complement Sitesa’s current offerings from ESRI and Google, as we have already demonstrated integration with those solutions to our main customers, which include Spanish Defense, Intelligence and media organizations, and have seen tremendous response,” said Alberto Corbi, Managing Director of Sitesa-GrupoEP. “We are thrilled to have MetaCarta as a partner, as geocoding unstructured information adds great value to our customers; and we look forward to bringing the power of MetaCarta’s technology to Europe,” added Corbi.