MetaCarta GTS enhances GeoDecisions IRRIS

MetaCarta GTS enhances GeoDecisions IRRIS


Cambridge, USA, September 10, 2007: MetaCarta, Inc., provider of geographic search solutions, and GeoDecisions, an IT and geospatial solutions provider, announced the integration of MetaCarta’s Geographic Text Search (GTS) into GeoDecisions IRRIS.

IRRIS is an enterprise Web portal used by U.S. military and homeland security agencies to support situational awareness, incident management, geospatial data integration and visibility, logistics, and command and control.

MetaCarta Geographic Text Search (GTS) bridges the gap between GIS and text search by using natural language processing (NLP) to identify and search for geographic references within structured and unstructured documents such as live data feeds, reports, news feeds, and the vast WWW open-source environments. By integrating MetaCarta into IRRIS, users are able to easily find documents and Web pages that refer to a particular area of interest.

“With a single mouse click, IRRIS users can leverage the MetaCarta intelligent document search capability for any area mapped in IRRIS. The integration strengthens the IRRIS technology offering for many of our clients, allowing them to now add all-source information to their structured GIS database analysis that has not yet been mapped or added to the operational picture for analysis” stated Jon Pollack, vice president of advanced technologies for GeoDecisions.