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Merrick & Co. announces successful completion of prototype project for FGIS in Knoxville, Tennessee

Merrick & Company, announced the successful completion of a prototype mapping project for KGIS, an automated mapping and geographic information system consortium made up of the City of Knoxville, Knox County, and Knoxville Utilities Board in the state of Tennessee. The prototype project involved validating procedures to update legacy data and generate a digital terrain model (DTM) using LIDAR data as an input. The contract for re-mapping Knox County includes color orthophotography (1″=100′ and 1″=200′), LIDAR acquisition, digital planimetry collection, 2′ and 4′ contour generation, DTMs, and Merrick’s MARS(tm) (Merrick Advanced Remote Sensing) software. The data will be delivered as MicroStation(tm) .DGN and .TIFF files on CD-ROM.

KGIS’ region is experiencing population growth and new infrastructure development. The updated data provided by Merrick will provide a more consistent, more accurate, and more reliable data set for all data users served by the KGIS consortium. KGIS’ original basemap was created in 1985. Since 1990, KGIS has updated the original landbase by flying one quarter of the County each spring and updating the maps that have undergone the most change. A patchwork pattern emerged, where maps of significantly differing timeframes adjoined each other. The re-mapping project will eliminate this problem and provide KGIS with a continuous, consistent, and up to date dataset based on current horizontal and vertical datums. The project also provides KGIS with a dataset that is more compatible with today’s GIS software. The 1985 derived data was built upon the CAD standards of that time, but does not always work well with GIS applications that require clean topology.