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Merrick acquires remote sensing data in innovative way

US: Merrick GeoSpatial Solutions will now provide helicopter-acquired remote sensing data products and services.  The firm is purchasing a light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensor that will be co-mounted with additional sensors for high resolution color orthophotography, high resolution oblique imagery, colour infrared orthophotography and hyperspectral imaging.  

Merrick’s helicopter system will be helpful specially in smaller area mapping projects such as flood plains, wind/solar farms and forestry tracts as well as linear projects such as transmission corridors, transportation systems, coastlines, railroads, levees, airports, pipelines, sea ports and international borders.

“Of our four LiDAR systems, the helicopter is going to provide our clients an option for even greater positional accuracy, feature extraction and multi-sensor data fusion,” said Brian Raber CMS, GISP, GLS, Vice President, Merrick.

Merrick has been using fixed-wing aircraft to acquire aerial mapping data for 50 years.  Currently the firm is mapping the lower half of the US Atlantic coastline for the US Army Corps of Engineers, mapping oil seepages in South America for oil exploration purposes and dam breach analysis studies in the State of Oklahoma for the Natural Resource Conservation Service.

Source: MundoGeo