Meridian for VisionMap’s Digital Mapping System

Meridian for VisionMap’s Digital Mapping System


Tel Aviv, Israel: VisionMap announced that one of the Russian Federation’s leading providers of geospatial products and services, LLC Research and Production Aerogeodetic Enterprise MERIDIAN+, has decided on purchasing A3, VisionMap’s digital mapping system. This decision was taken following an extensive evaluation of A3, and is based on Meridian+’s experience with the existing large format digital cameras.

A3 system’s selection was driven by its unique ability to capture and process large scale national projects, including hundreds of thousands of sq km, in a fast and efficient way, producing high resolution photogrammetric mapping products,” said Prof. Alexander Golovikhin, Director General , Meridian+. “The system allows us to easily plan flights both in urban and rural areas, then execute flight operations economically and benefit from the fully automatic processing workflow. These advantages will provide added value to our customers while minimizing our time-to-market.”

VisionMap’s A3 system combines a wide format aerial camera and an automatic processing system, which provide superior aerial survey productivity to any existing aerial digital camera. The system is capable of flying at higher altitudes to acquire larger areas – without compromising on resolution and accuracy of the processed photogrammetric products. The coupled processing system enables mapping providers to deliver top grade products in less time and with substantial reduction in operational and processing costs. VisionMap systems are deployed in Europe, the US and the Middle East.

Source: VisionMap