Mercedes-Benz to integrate GPS with Google Glass

Mercedes-Benz to integrate GPS with Google Glass


California: German luxury automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is planning to integrate GPS experience both inside and outside a vehicle using Google Glass.

With current navigation systems, one has to input directions on different devices or manually change from driving to walking directions. Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America (MBRDNA) plans to utilise Google Glass to create a seamless transition between these states. Input directions only once and let the software automatically change from driving to walking directions or vice versa. According to MBRDNA President and CEO Johann Jungwirth, the company”s ultimate goal on the Google Glass project is a “seamless” door-to-door transition between pedestrian directions and in-car GPS.

Jungwirth describes a scenario where users select a destination at home, get in the car and drive there, then exit the car and receive remaining directions as a walking route through Google Glass. That”s instead of entering and re-entering destinations on in-car and out-of-car navigation systems.