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Member of Parliament calls for map removal

UK, 25 May 2006: A Border MP is calling for Digital UK to withdraw some of its leaflets for television switchover in his region. Lib Dem Michael Moore says maps miss out Berwickshire from the Border TV region, which will switch in 2008. He says this is “simply incorrect” and has asked for the company to withdraw leaflets from public libraries.

A spokesman for the company said some old maps were not as clear as they could be and a new one with less “hard boundaries” had been drawn up. “Digital switchover will have a huge impact on people in the Borders,” said Moore. “It is vital that the switchover process is managed effectively.”

He said Digital UK’s website had three different maps of the Border TV region with “varying degrees of accuracy”. Moore singled out the leaflet placed in public libraries as a particular concern.

“Most households in Berwickshire are in the Border TV region and will be affected by digital switchover in 2008. “The map wrongly shows that most of Berwickshire will switch over to digital in 2012,” he said. Digital UK spokesman John Steele said that older versions of the map were being withdrawn.

However, he stressed that reception boundaries were unclear in nature. “A map was produced in autumn 2005 which did show, if you like, a very hard boundary between two television regions,” he said. “The reality is television regions don’t have a hard boundary. “There is a lot of overlap between the signals received from transmitters.” A revised map has been drawn up to try to recognise the less defined boundaries.