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Meeting on business value of geospatial standards

US: The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has announced the event, Deriving business value from geospatial standards to be held on June 17, 2010 at the NOAA Silver Spring offices in Maryland. OGC invites government officials, policy makers, senior managers, as well as sales and marketing professionals from across the industry to attend a series of business meetings during the event. The event is part of the OGC’s quarterly Technical Committee and Planning Committee meetings.

Steven Ramage, OGC’s Executive Director, Marketing and Communications said, “I would like to invite professionals to attend a one-day business session at a TC/PC meeting. This invitation is open to OGC members and non-OGC members who want to learn more about the business value of geospatial technology. Silver Spring is the first such meeting and more one-day business sessions are planned for the OGC meetings in Toulouse, France in September and in Sydney, Australia in December 2010.”

Ramage has highlighted few benefits of attending this meeting including:
– An opportunity to discuss the drivers and issues in the geospatial sector, notably where standards play a role.
– Helping drive and shape the inclusion of standards in policy.
– Contributing to industry-wide issues that span all continents.
– Getting an opportunity to contribute to the standards process and help determine business approaches for solving problems.
– Understanding the bottom line impact of not addressing standards within their own organisation/community or for their customers.

There is no charge for attending this meeting. One can register here at

Source: OGC