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Meet the Chilean Atlas of Justice

The Ministry of Justice interoperates with Chile Geospatial Infrastructure Data (IDE-Chile) through its “Atlas of Justice”.

The interactive application allows to manage and to disseminate statistical information about the justice sector in conjunction with socioeconomic data, from a territorial approach, through maps, graphs and data tables. The Atlas is designed to be a tool to support the visualization and management of geo-referenced information that contributes to better decision-making at all levels and of all related services and the Ministry of Justice agencies. The objective is to provide information on behaviors and trends in the justice sector, facilitating spatial analysis processes necessary for the development of projects that have territorial expression.

The “Atlas of Justice” provides information through standard Web Map Service (WMS) to the map viewer IDE Chile, the layers are available in the “Society and Culture” category, in the subfolder “Justice”. One of the main advantages of achieving interoperability through standards geoservices such as WMS geo is that allows connect and display information from the original source of the data and thus missed update.

Find out more at https://www.atlasdelajusticia.cl/.

Source: IDE-Chile