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MEDC introduces mobile GIS solution device

Muscat, Oman: The Muscat Electricity Distribution Company SAOC (MEDC) introduced mobile GIS solution device which will pinpoint the exact location of the customer, shorten lead time and provide greater customer benefits.

In an interview to Observer, MEDC’s Corporate Communications Specialist, Zahran bin Zaher al Ruqeishi said that they will utilise their own customised Mobile GIS PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and for this purpose their engineers are undergoing extensive training.

MEDC’s Head of GIS, Salim bin Rashid al Shuhaimi pointed out the main uses of the GIS system, as far as their company is concerned, as being for the storing, analysis, capturing and map printing of their electrical network, as well as for including and providing special data for information on the electrical network — such as that concerning transformers, customers, sites and the network itself.

Shuhaimi further stated that their engineers can use the mobile GIS onsite or anywhere else they wish to. It will allow them to speedily navigate their way and access required data. Prior to this, information was only available to them from the office.

The device also allows engineers to redirect the electricity load to another line if there is a fault and in this way the customer is soon hooked up through this circumvention.

Shuhaimi hopes that this device will help them in providing services to their customers, with faster response time and attendance to complaints.

Source: Oman Observer