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MDL launches Dynascan in India

New Delhi, India: Measurement Devices Limited (MDL), a leading laser scanner manufacturer, launched Dynascan in India. Dynascan is an integrated mobile mapping system for land and marine applications, combining a laser scanner, GNSS receiver and inertial navigation sensor (INS) in one pod.
The system will be marketed and distributed by Ansari Precision Instruments Pvt. Ltd. in India. Speaking about the launch, Anthony Comber, Business Development Manager, MDL, said, “Mobile mapping is revolutionising the survey world and the way we collect data.” 
The Dynascan ‘plug and play’ LiDAR system contains an integrated INS, RTK GNSS system and high speed laser scanner. The system is lightweight, highly portable and can be mounted on vehicles or vessels to acquire survey quality 3D data of topography, urban developments, quarries, open pit mines, dams, river banks, etc. It comes with advanced, customised data-acquisition and post-processing software. On-line displays allow detailed analysis and QC of the data during the survey. 
The key features of the product are – it can survey remote, inaccessible voids and cavities safely; its 50mm diameter allows deployment along hundreds of metres of narrow boreholes; it has a fast scanning rate (200 points per sec), 360 degree spherical coverage with no blind spots, nosecone camera to assist borehole deployment, orientation sensors to ensure scan is automatically geo-referenced to fit into existing 3D mine data, and integrated pitch and roll sensors. 
Source: Our Correspondent