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MDC awards James W. Sewall Company a $1 million contract

Aug 07, 2002-The Metropolitan District Commission (MDC), headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, has awarded national GIS firm James W. Sewall Company a $1 million contract to map nine towns in the State, including Bloomfield, Hartford, East and West Hartford, Newington, Portland, Rocky Hill, Wethersfield, and Windsor, Connecticut. Using all in-house capabilities, Sewall will obtain colour aerial photography, develop planimetric mapping and topographic mapping, and produce digital orthophotography compatible with MDC’s existing GIS.

Sewall has a history of successful mapping projects in Connecticut and with MDC. In 1993-1995, Sewall worked with the District to obtain black and white aerial photography and produce topographic maps for portions of Rocky Hill and Wethersfield. Sewall also completed planimetric and topographic maps for Newington in 1995 and East Hartford in 1996. Earlier this year, MDC commissioned Sewall to develop a fully integrated system of forest covertype mapping, inventory, modelling, and management planning for a 26,000-acre area of MDC-owned forestland. In the last ten years, Sewall has mapped portions of over 50 municipalities and utilities in the State.