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MDA, India sign contract for RADARSAT-2 data

India: MDA’s Information Systems group (MDA) has signed a contract with the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) of India to provide RADARSAT-2 information until June 2015. NRSC had signed an agreement with RADARSAT International, Canada, on August 13, 1998 for distribution of RADARSAT data products to support natural disaster and resource management.

The RADARSAT-2 satellite has global high-resolution surveillance capabilities that include a large collection capacity, high accuracy, and wide-area coverage that is extremely useful in imaging the vast tracts of territory. The satellite acquires data regardless of light or weather condition, provides frequent re-visit imaging options, and is supported by ground receiving stations that provide near real-time information delivery services.

Immediately after the super cyclone hit the Orissa coast in 1999, NRSC prepared maps showing flood inundated areas using the data from Indian Remote Sensing satellites and the microwave data from the RADARSAT. As the affected areas were clouded making it difficult for using optical remote sensing data that is provided by Indian Remote Sensing satellites (IRS), the microwave data from RADARSAT were also procured to complement IRS data.

David Belton, the general manager responsible for this business, said “RADARSAT-2’s capability makes it an ideal complement to India’s RISAT satellite for disaster management and resource monitoring activities.” Belton further added, “RADARSAT-2’s near real-time information with access to multiple beam modes and coverage options provides timely and actionable information.”

Source: MDA