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McPhar mulls remote-sensing geophysical survey of India

Singapore, 30 September 2014: Singapore-based geology and oil company, McPhar International, recently announced its plans to conduct airborne geophysical survey of India using remote sensing technology to gather data for resource exploitation. According to media reports, the company, which is part of the Neterwala Group, would make a presentation to the government of India to acquire the necessary permission.

McPhar’s partner company Airborne Technologies would conduct this airborne geophysical survey using a large range of equipment like laser scanners, hyperspectral scanners, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), thermal-cameras, aeromagnetic sensors etc.

Speaking to the media at the Asia Oil Week conference in Singapore, a senior executive from the McPhar said, “Though the government has given Geological Survey of India a mandate to do the survey, nothing much has yet been done.”

"If the survey is done, there is a potential of changing the resource map of India,” he added. The company estimates that the survey would take between five years and 10 years and cost USD 300 to 400 million.

Source: Free Press Journal