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McObject releases eXtremeDB-64

Washington, USA, 26 July 2006: McObject has released eXtremeDB-64, the 64-bit version of its eXtremeDB 3.0 in-memory embedded database for real-time enterprise and embedded systems. eXtremeDB-64 supports databases that larger than the 32-bit version, providing a tool to be used in fields that demand instantaneous sorting, retrieval and manipulation of massive databases.

Compared to traditional 32-bit processors, 64-bit technology approximately doubles the amount of data a CPU can handle per clock cycle, and increases the amount of memory a system can address, from approximately 3GB, to at least one terabyte (1000GB). eXtremeDB-64 is available on the following operating systems and processors: HP-UX (Itanium), Solaris (Sparc), Linux64 (x64), and Windows Server 2003 64-bit (x64).