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Mauritian lands to go cyber

Mauritius, 1 January 2007 – A land register of Mauritius is in preparation. Its aims are two fold: to eliminate corruption in the lease of state lands and to permit implementation of the National Residential Property Tax.

A land register will keep track of every single piece of residential land in the country as well as all transactions pertaining to them. As at now, all transactions on private lands are registered at the Registrar’s office in Port Louis. The system is far from foolproof given that it is not computerised. The lack of a register – hence an official database where all residential lands are registered – disables further the control of transactions of residential lands.

According to official sources, state lands are in even more disarray than private lands. Once the system is in place, the click of a mouse on a virtual map of Mauritius will visually show one the area under investigation. Click further and one can zoom in on the specific land or house. Another click and all the details of the property including the name of the owner and all transactions past and present will show.

The implementation of such a complex register will take five years, according to official sources. Besides the fight against corruption, the land register will also serve a very down to earth – if not the most important – purpose; it will make it possible for government to have a comprehensive land policy so it can implement the much-opposed National Residential Property Tax.