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Matt Mayer criticises digital mapping camera deal

US: Matt Mayer, President, Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions and conservative fiscal policy advocate has raised his concern over Ohio State Government’s stand on purchasing expensive mapping cameras when the economy is in a fiscal deficit and the old system is working well.

For more than a year, a powerful new USD 1.29 million digital mapping camera has been sitting in storage at the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). On the other hand, the state’s USD 1.72 million aerial photography plane has been grounded while engineers wrangle with FAA regulations on how to mount the camera on the aircraft. In addition, the state has also shelled out USD 238,000 to outside vendors to fly and take photos needed for various road projects across Ohio.

The equipment is more than a luxury, according to ODOT spokesman Scott Varner. Further, he added, “The digital mapping camera system from Intergraph would allow the department to get better images for road and bridge projects, cutting down on design time. Federal funds were also used to buy the camera.”

Source: Dayton Daily News