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MATCH-T Version 3.3 and SKIP 3 launched by INPHO

The well known automated DTM generation software MATCH-T from INPHO is now refreshed with version 3.3. It comes with a number of significant new features improving the overall processing performance as well as handling comfort of the software. The new project wizard allows fast and easy project set-up and editing. The thorough optimisation of the core matching algorithms is reflected on higher quality of the results, and a considerable speed gain is achieved by performing feature point extraction and epipolar computation on the fly. This latest version provides extended support for Tiff imagery – including Tiff Jpeg and 16 bit Tiff formats – and furthermore, a special module is now available for merging the individually generated DTM’s into one seamless model.

New SKIP 3 software was launched for kinematic airborne GPS positioning by INPHO.
INPHO GmbH, Stuttgart has launched through GEOPOZITION in Australia a new version of SKIP, the advanced software for post processing of kinematic airborne GPS data. The new SKIP 3 version has been completely redesigned. With its object oriented modular structure, new improved GUI as well as integrated database tools, SKIP 3 provides major functional improvements and higher processing speed in comparison with the previous versions.

The data import and export formats are fully user definable and the positioning algorithms incorporate advanced on-the-fly (OTF) solution based on a special robust least squares adjustment, now with support for L2 frequency, as well. This results in a very stable mathematical solution along with considerably higher degree of accuracy. All computing steps can be performed in batch mode. SKIP 3 also allows for combining of trajectories from several base stations using a special distance dependent algorithm.
Furthermore, the new powerful graphical analysis module provides a wide variety of tools for efficient data analyzing or editing. Finally the results can be transformed to local geodetic frames using the geodetic tools module and standard or user definable datum parameters.

In photogrammetric projects SKIP 3 is irreplaceable software for fast and reliable computation of the aircraft trajectories and precise interpolation of camera positions. Upgrading of the previous versions is possible and an evaluation version of SKIP 3 will be soon available for downloading on their web site at www.inpho.de (Downloads).